Leap for Perfection


Gymnasts who have flexible hips, hamstrings, shoulders and feet have perfect leaps on the floor and beam. Why are these skills important? Leaps and jumps can help a gymnast achieve elegance and earn difficulty in their gymnastics routines.

Detailed leap drills for beam and floor you’ll want to try!

Split Leap Drills

A lot of gyms are heading into compulsory season right now – and even if you’re not you’re probably starting to think about routines etc. So I thought today would be the perfect day to share some leap drills. This first video has TONS of ideas for improving your gymnasts flexibility and their leg swing and timing.

Hops and leaps, and jumps, oh my!

Learn how to do a switch leap!

How to Do a Switch Leap

A switch leap is an advanced leap that can help you earn difficulty in your gymnastics routines. Before learning a switch leap you should have mastered a split leap, and be able to do it with a 180° split with squeezed legs and pointed feet. To do a good switch leap you will need flexibility.

Leaping for joy!

Beautiful floor leap in NCAA

Train hard and leap for the stars!


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