Floor X-ercise


The floor exercise is a fun and lively event that requires an all-round skill set. What moves are involved in a floor routine? A gymnast needs to perform dance moves, leaps and turns, and tumbling passes to the beat of the music.

Get out of the way!
List of floor skills.

Floor – Women – Code Of Points

G I G II G III G IV G V Element Group I: Gymnastic Leaps, Jumps, And Hops Wolf Jump 360 B Ring Leap C Cat Leap 720 C Element Group II: Gymnastic Turns 360 Turn A 360 Straight Leg Turn B 720 Turn B 1440 Turn E Element Group III: Hand Support Elements Kick …

Perfect 10!

The magic tumbling formula…

Magic Formula Reveals How To Learn Tumbling Skills As Fast As Humanly Possible

Let me ask you a personal question: Have you ever wished for a tumbling pass? You know what I’m talking about – the thought of having a magic lamp where a genie pops out, grants you any three tumbling skills you want, and POOF…

Learn to do a front flip!

How to Do a Front Tuck: Drills and Exercises to Help You Learn

A front tuck is (probably) the first front salto you learn as a gymnast. Aside from that, a front tuck is in the level 5 routine. So, it’s an important gymnastics skill to learn and master. As you advance in gymnastics, you will probably want to do tumbling passes that start with a front tuck step-out.

A floor routine lasts 90 seconds, so show the judges what you got in that short amount of time!


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