Swing Your Way to Victory


The uneven bars is one of the most demanding and difficult events to learn and perfect. How does one perform a bar routine? By executing a mount, followed by multiple flips, twists, and release moves to transition from one bar to the next, and finishing with a dismount.

Uneven bars code of points -A list of all skills!

Uneven Bars – Code Of Points

G I G II G III G IV G V G VI Element Group I: Mounts Kip A Glide Kip Stoop Through Mount A Glide Kip Stoop Through Straddle Cut Mount A Kip On HB Mount A Free Straddle Jump over LB to HB Mount B Front Salto to Hang on LB Mount B 180 …

Perfect 10!

How to do a kip!

How to do a Kip

A kip is an important skill in gymnastics. Not only do you need it for the level 4 gymnastics routine, but many gymnasts also use a kip as their mount at more advanced optional levels. A kip is a h…

The evolution of the uneven bars.

Evolution of the uneven bars in women’s gymnastics

The uneven parallel bars event has changed a lot over the years. For one thing, the bars used to be a lot closer together. And obviously the routines have gotten a lot harder. Some of those moves in the 60s and 70s we

The uneven bars apparatus and the skills performed on this event have changed significantly over the past 50 years. The routines involve strength, coordination, and courage.


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