Maintaining Strength Training


Gymnastics requires a tremendous amount of upper body and core strength. What can a gymnast do to get stronger? By doing workouts, training and exercises at the gym, club or their own home.

Get a strong core with these 4 exercises!

Gymnastics strength training to do at home.

No-Gym bodyweight workout infographic for everyone!



Workout of the day (WOTD).

Friday March 17th 2017

A: EMOMx20 1) 2 Muscle Up, 2) 5 dips 3) 5 Ring pull up, 4) Rest Rest 5:00 B: Stand By on open

Strength training is a great way to enhance muscle strength and tone for those difficult routines and skills, and protects your joints from injuries. Strength is one of the key elements in gymnastics that will help you on every event.


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