Flexibility 101


In gymnastics, you need to be flexible in order to do certain skills. Sometimes you might feel pain when learning a new trick or have flexed feet and bent legs. Stretches and flexibility exercises are essential to do everyday to help your form and master your dream skill.

What is flexibility and how can you improve it?

Flexibility in Gymnastics

When you think about gymnasts and gymnastics, one of the first thoughts that comes to your mind is probably how flexible they are and how they got that way. I recently went to a Strength & Flexibility in Gymnastics seminar taught by Dr. Dave Tilley, and learned a lot about how the current research and thoughts on flexibility have changed in recent years.

Stretch exercises infographic.



How to do the splits!

Stretching can help you maintain or increase your range of motion, prevent muscle tears and pulls before a practice and relieves stress. You can increase your flexibility by doing exercises, but remember to go slow and be patient.


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